Throughout my career I have worn many hats, had a variety of responsibilities, and influenced numerous stakeholders. One aspect has remained constant: I have contributed a design aesthetic to every situation, regardless of job title.

At the same time I have discovered, thoroughly enjoyed, and nurtured a deeper understanding of wine. Now I seek to combine these two passions.

I want bring a voice to wine and wine makers. I have the skills, talents and drive, now all I need is the right opportunity.

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psu_hydrogenlogoDesign Highlight:

In 2018 the ongoing energy crisis is deepening. Energy costs are spiraling out of control. Governments large and small, businesses, and individuals are all feeling the pinch.

Enter SymplyHydrogen – With sustainable hydrogen synthesis paired with super-efficient fuel-cell technology from Bloomenergy – a solution looms. The electricity generated can be immediately used or sold back to the grid. Best of all – NO POLLUTION. The only by-product from fuel-cell conversion is pure water vapor. Now we can all breathe a little easier.

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psu_sw_waterfrontprojectheroDesign Highlight:
Hotel Vix

A Boutique Hotel in Portland’s newest neighborhood the South Waterfront. With close proximity to public transit, the OHSU/PSU Collaborative Life Sciences Building, the OHSU Center for Health & Healing, and future developments, the need for a small but well appointed hotel in the area is obvious.

Visit the onsite Bistro & Wine Bar – Rorshach for a glass of exceptional Oregon Pinot Noir or Washington Syrah. Take a short trip on the streetcar or MAX to visit OMSI or attend the Symphony. Its all happening…

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