Academic Branding Exercise – SymplyHydrogen

A full concept branding exercise while attending Portland State University. Assignment was to create a valid brand for a fictional entity and tell it’s story.

In 2018 the ongoing energy crisis is deepening. Energy costs are spiraling out of control. Governments large and small, businesses, and individuals are all feeling the pinch.

Enter SymplyHydrogen – With sustainable hydrogen synthesis paired with super-efficient fuel-cell technology from Bloomenergy – a solution looms. The electricity generated can be immediately used or sold back to the grid. Best of all – NO POLLUTION. The only by-product from fuel-cell conversion is pure water vapor.

Now we can all breathe a little easier.

Business Brief | History:

Started in 2016, SymplyHydrogen was born out of a graduate-student research project by Mark Mattis. This project found sustainable & equitable processes of producing hydrogen for energy purposes. It wasn’t long before the business potentials of this research were apparent. Joining forces with business partners Beth O’Connor & Melinda Fabus, Mark relocated his research lab to Palo Alto, CA. Within this center of innovation, SymplyHydrogen was able to grow & make valuable business connections.

©2013-2014 Raymond Salow

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